Treating Woodworm in Furniture

First off you should understand exactly what woodworms are. When people use the name woodworm they are not describing a certain type of bug, but rather any type of bug that eats into wood. Woodowrm as the name implies love to drill into and eat away at wood. Therefore your wooden furniture and woodworms will not mix well. Most of the time a persons purpose in searching for a treatment for woodworm in furniture is to get rid of woodworms in wooden furniture. A sure sign of woodworms is small holes burrowed out into any wood structure. This could be your furniture but it could also be in the support beams of your house. This is why killing woodworm larvae is so important because if they are left the thrive in your home you could have some serious structural support problems with your house, not to mentions your wood furniture will be attacked by the woodworms.

Fortunately if you have woodworms in your furniture there are many options you can do to help protect it from further attacks and get rid of all the woodworms in there. First off you should be sure too coat all wood in a protective wood paint layer. This waxy layer of wood paint protection from woodworms will make it so the woodworms will be unable to drill into the wood of your furniture. This is a great way to prevent woodworms from drilling into your wood.

Another preventive step you should take to keep woodworms out of your wood furniture is to make sure no beetles are creeping around your house. As I said earlier woodworms are the larvae of wood boring beetles. Therefore if there are no beetles in your house you have nothing to worry about with woodworms. However, if you do have wood eating beetles crawling around your house then it is important that you get them out so they dont lay their eggs, which will eventually turn into woodworms in your wood furniture.

For once the woodworms are in your furniture, you are going to have to treat woodworm in furniture.

Depending on the size of the woodworm infection is going to determine exactly what type of type of woodworm treatment you are going to want to use. For example if the woodworm infestation is small then your furniture woodworm treatment will only have to be good enought to wipe out a small area. However if the woodworm infestation is large enought you are most likely going to want to call in a profesional exterminator. If it is a small infestation then all you will have to do is go to a store that sells bug or more specifically beetle poison. Simply spray this in the woodworm holes and all the beetle larvae should die. Hopefully with this information you will be able to do your own treating woodworm in furniture!