Termites in Lawn

If you notice termites in your lawn then you are most likely dealing with subterranean termites. These little devils like to burrow down into soil chewing into any piece of rotten bark or wood that they can get their mouths into. Unfortunately that little piece of wood can be the foundation of your house. Therefore it is imperative that you gets your lawn termite free. If termites are in your lawn then they can build huge colonies that will get into anything that gets into their path.

Fortunately for you there are a couple of do it yourself termite in lawn treatments that you can attempt to do to get rid of your termite problem. By nipping it in the butt now you can stop the spread of termites that could eventually reach your house. However be away that certain chemicals in termite killer can get into your grass and kill it, but would your rather have a brown lawn or a crumbling house, I choose the house.

The first challenge to killing the subterranean termites that are nesting in your lawn is getting to them. Sometimes these pests can burrow down many feet and live there. This makes getting to them a difficult task if you are missing the correct tools and methods. First off you are going to want to drill holes ever couple of feet where you know the termites are staying. Next you should take some of the termites poison that you purchased and mix it with water.

You will then need to pour this mixture down the holes. Do this 3 times within the time span of a day. This will ensure you are killing the entire nest and not just a small portion of it. Once you have completed this step you should have successfully gotten rid of the termites in your lawn. Congrats you have just successfully succeeded in protecting your house from an invading army of termites and you did even have to call in an exterminator.