Safe Termite Treatment- Termite Control

Is the world coming to an end?  Will global warming end up destroying my life, or the lives of future generations?  With these questions in mind, the termite extermination field has been revolutionized within the last few years.  Traditional treatments are now extremely discouraged due to the environmentally-deadly chemicals that they incorporate.  In their stead, more amiable and safe termite treatments have become popular.  These safe termite treatments include sand barriers, concrete/metal barriers, wood treatments, and various other methods.  These treatments are great innovations in the field of termite control and promise to deliver the same efficiency with less damage to the ecosystem.

Safe Termite Treatment: Sand Barriers

First, you must consider the use of a sand barrier.  As of late, this safe termite treatment method has become increasingly popular.  Basically, as the name suggests, you dig a trench around the property and fill it with sand.  Once the sand is filled in, you can cover the perimeter with a light covering of topsoil.  Recent research has suggested that termites are unable to dig or burrow through a layer of sand.  Thus once they encounter such a barrier, they turn away from it- away from your structure.  While this method might be fairly invasive and labor intensive, it will certainly keep the termites away from your home.  Thus you should consider it, among other options, when deciding upon a course of termite prevention.  Definitely a solid safe termite treatment option.

Safe Termite Treatment: Wood Treatments

Have you seen your neighbor power-washing his deck lately?  Have you seen that creep across the street from you power-washing the siding on his house?  Well unbeknownst to you, this power-washing can go beyond just simply bringing a shine to the affected areas.  In fact, it has been proven that through this treatment, chemicals can be infused into the wood, effectively ridding it of any termite infestation.  Think about it.  This safe termite treatment will not only bring about a gleam to your structure, but also a termite-free environment.

Safe Termite Treatment: Metal and Concrete Barriers

As far as safe termite treatments go, this is far and away the most expensive.  This is the treatment that nature nuts use.  Yes, the method is very effective, yet it is about as invasive as it gets.  It involves digging a trench around the perimeter of the house or other type of structure and filling it with concrete or metal.  Basically, it is a mote of concrete around your house.  No, it is not attractive but yes, it is effective.  Its your choice.

Safe Termite Treatment: Basic Prevention

If you just cant commit to one of these methods, just implement a few of these tips to increase your odds of total termite prevention.  First, keep crawl spaces and other narrow passageways in your home or building well ventilated.  This can be amplified through the use of a vapor barrier.  Furthermore, do not keep firewood near the structure.  I mean come on- that should be obvious.

To all you victims of termite infestations- good night and good luck.