Pet Friendly Ant Killer

If you have an ant infestation going on in your house than it can be a very difficult job to get rid of all the ants. However having a pet can make the job of ant extermination even more difficult. When you have pets you must be sure to buy a pet friendly ant killer. Usually most commercial ant killers are filled with large amounts of poison that are garunteed to kill ants. However if you have a dog or cat walking around the house you dont want them getting into the poison as it might make them very sick. Therefore you are a gain limited to buying ant killer that is safe for pets to be around. This will ultimately limit the types of sprays and powders you can buy when attempting to kill carpenter ants in your house.

There are many homemade ant killer that are very pet friendly. A very effective one is to heat up water and then mix in sugar and borax. The sugar is placed in the water to attract the ants. The borax acts as a poison to the ants. The make this dog safe simply but this mixture in a small cup and then place that cup in a box with small holes poked in it. This will allow the ants to get in while keeping your pets out. This mixture works great as it doesnt kill the ants instantly. Therefore they have a chance to bring this poison back to there ant nest and share it with all the other ants, and if you lucky the queen ant. This will allow you to poison an entire colony without ever having to locate or get close to the colony. It will also a hell of a lot cheaper than any commercial ant kill product and is a lot more effective.

Another homemade ant killer that is pet friendly is the simple mixture of dishwashing soap and water. You can put this combination in a spray bottle and go to work killing any passing ants. This will kill the ants instantly, which will allow you to take out any ants walking around the ground but will not allow you to poison the entire ant colony.

Another all natural pest friendly ant killer is pepperment and red crushed pepper flakes. Simply put this stuff around your house and the ants will not come near it. Apparently the chemicals found in either of these items will poison the ants, however, both are pet friendly which is great news for you when trying to conduct ant pest control with furry pets in the house also.

Well there you go hopefully our guide on pet friendly ant killer will make it a less daunting task of attempting to eliminate ants from your house with pets also living in that house.