Ladybug Black Light Trap

When you take a look at ladybugs you probably think they are beautiful creatures that are relatively harmless. However when there are hundreds on the inside of your home, buzzing around your head constantly your perception of these pesky pests might begin to change a bit. Instead of taking in their natural beauty you might be looking for ways to get rid of ladybugs from inside your house. Fortunately for you there are some definite options out there that are relatively simple to put together that will help take care of your ladybug infestation problems, which will generally plague your house in the early fall or spring on hot days. One of the most effective traps is what we like to call the ladybug black light trap. If you have ever seen a standard insect light with a black light attached you will know that insects are inherently attracted to the black light, and we will use this black light in our traps to provide the ladybugs with their downfall.

In order to create your very own black light ladybug trap you must first purchase the most important hardware for the trap, and that is the black light. The black light is the key to the attraction of the ladybugs to the trap. Without this attractive agent your trap will be rendered useless because no ladybugs will be drawn to it. So after you have purchased your black light you should hang it from anywhere you would like. Next you should cut a couple milk gallon jugs in halves. You should do a little handy work so they are surrounding the black light except for an opening where the ladybugs will be drawn and attracted to the light by. You should then coat the insides of the milk jugs with a petroleum based and sticky product. Now the key to this trap is that the ladybugs will fly towards the light. As they fly toward the light they will inherently enter in between the two petroleum coated milk jugs. The ladybugs will fly towards the light and then bounce off the glass. After the ladybugs bounce off the glass they will land on the petroleum coated milk jugs and be stuck and left to die. This is a very effective trap and best of all it is a homemade black light ladybug trap that is fairly inexpensive to create yourself.

However if you not feeling up to the challenge of creating your very own homemade black light ladybug trap you can also purchase an equally effective store branded black light ladybug trap. These traps function a little differently and are definitely more expensive. However the expense is justified because they are certainly more effective and less messy than the homemade black light ladybug traps. These traps again use the black light as an attractive agent meant to lure the ladybugs into the killing zone. However in this case the black light is surrounded by a metal cage. This may appear to be a regular metal cage on the outside but what you may not know is that there are volts of electricity running through the wiring. Therefore as the ladybugs go to approach the light they will be electrocuted by the wire fence that surround the black light. This is yet another example of a very effective black light trap for ladybugs.