Great Lesson from Sara Rue Weight Loss

Sara Rue weight loss is a dramatic event in Hollywood. As a new mom, she had lost 50 pounds only within 4 months according to Sounds incredible, huh? How can she do that?

Food Controlling in Sara Rue Weight Loss

The Sara Rue weight loss also includes a controlled diet. Her diet is below 1300 calories. For breakfast, her diet is oatmeal with grain and nut. This low calories breakfast is easy to make. It takes only 5  minutes then you still have more time to prepare your morning activities. To add more flavors, she uses banana. Another alternative is cinnamon and mixed berries. For lunch, she enjoys enchiladas, combining it with romaine lettuce and salsa as salad dressing. When having a dinner, she will eat macaroni and cheese. However, she chooses the low fat cheese with plenty of grains combining with asparagus. Between the meal times, she will enjoy fruit for snacks. As for the dessert, she will have popcorns and cheesecake.

More Exercising in Sara Rue Weight Loss

Most people suggest us about doing exercises for having a weight loss. You should know that this new mom never enjoyed exercising. However, after delivering a baby girl and having a weight increasing, she felt a high urge to do exercises. First, she was trying to log until one hour of cardio almost every day in a week. She simply did it on treadmill. For Sara Rue, doing exercises was not that easy sometimes.

Though she had already walked regularly for getting 10000 steps every day using pedometer, she still found hard when starting to run. She used to walk 10 minutes after running one minute. Fortunately she did not give up easily. Six months later, she can keep running for two and half of hour. Another benefit is she become happier when shopping since she can walk far without being tired.

Fighting the Hollywood Pressure during Sara Rue Weight Loss

She did understand the Hollywood pressure was so great. Sometimes, it felt so stressing. However, she tried to live with it. She decided not to let the Hollywood pressure becoming a barrier for her motherhood life. She kept walking, running and controlling her food. But she truly realized that she was breastfeeding her baby girl. Anything she was going to do was for the baby’s sake. As long as it would not reduce her milk producing, she did it gladly. Without feeling being pressured, she enjoyed the process.

The point here is, we should enjoy the process. The stressful feeling warns our brain. As a respond, our body will prepare more energy. That is why we keep hungry during the stressful moment. Reviewing Sara Rue’s journey, we learn many things for reducing our weight. Do not desperate when you keep failing. Keep move it with the inspiring Sara Rue weight loss.