Color of Termites

With the many house pests that could possibly get into your home and chew threw all your wood it can be difficult to determine exactly what pest you are dealing with. Therefore it is extremely important to identify what animal is causing all your pain and suffering. This information will help you decide what chemicals and poison to buy. What procedures to follow in order to completely eradicate the pests and a whole host of other details. Termites are usually the main culprit of mix ups. It is easy to mistake termites from small ants and termite larvae can be mixed with with that of carpenter bees and ants. Fortunately for you the color of termites is what makes them distinct and therefore able to identify. Once you know you are dealing with termites its is relatively easy to kill them by using methods such as orange oil termite treatment.

When termites are mature they turn a dark brown color. This makes them look completely different from ants. However for more indication you merely have to look at their backs. If the majority of them have wings then you are definitely dealing with termites. However when they are young the color of termites is a milky white. Unfortunately almost all larvae are this color. To tell the larvae apart you must look at their appearance. The termite young will look almost exactly the same as the mature termites except for the color of the termite and the lack of wings on the young.

Unfortunately there are over a hundred different species of termite like creatures which can make identification of the exact species of termite a little difficult. The color of the termites will vary depending on the specie your dealing with. However as a rule of thumb, if the animal is in your wood and is not black like a carpenter ant then you are dealing with termites. This is just a quick little guide to identify termites if you want to learn more check out our official guide of how to identify termites. Hopefully by knowing the color of termites you will be able to identify them easier.