Cicada Killer Wasp Control

So youve got a cicada killer wasp infestation, and you now want to learn about cicada killer wasp control. At this point you are probably pretty desperate, but dont go around blaming God, Mother Nature, or anything else for your dilemma. Instead, you need to look into a mirror long and hard. You, me, and all others of the human race are responsible for the blossoming of the cicada killer wasp population. Basically, the cicada wasps inhabit disturbed environments, and by definition, a disturbed environment is one that has been overtly influenced by the presence of humans. So by the transitive property (Im not really a math person), humans are responsible for the increasing population of cicada wasps.

So now that youve realized the problem and realized it was all your fault, it is time to start working on a solution; here it is: cicada killer wasp control. Also, before I formally begin, I would like to say that this article isnt for some all-green organic nut. This is for people who have the cahoonas to actually kill a few wasps. Now having said that, lets begin.

Cicada Killer Wasp Control Insecticide:

Currently, the orthodox way of cicada killer wasp control revolves around the usage of pyrethroids. If you arent familiar with pyrethroids, which I wasnt either before I became an expert in the field, just view them as selectively toxic chemicals. Because they are chemicals, they must be sprayed. Furthermore, you cant just go around spraying the chemicals in the general vicinity of the cicada wasps, but rather spray them into the burrows of the wasps. Due to the nature of the burrows, this method is only effective in killing the queen female of the group. Her brethren, on the other hand, are a little more fortunate. The burrows are usually devised in such a way that her offspring are separated from the queen by a web of intersecting partitions, which essentially protect them from the toxins. However, with the queen cicada wasp killed, the populations ability to reproduce will be severely diminished, altogether coming to a stand still.

Cicada Killer Wasp Control: Step 2

Now you just need to settle in; its a waiting game. Whether you like it or not, you have now become entangled in a siege. You just need to wait awhile, allowing the population to become less inflamed from the loss of the queen and the previous disruption of its burrow. The structure of the burrow will have most likely broken down in the meantime, and so it is time for phase 2. Basically, all you do is just return to the burrow with the exact same insecticide and spray it again. This time, the mayhem will be much more widespread, eradicating most, if not all of the cicada killer wasp infestation.

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen, a full-proof method to cicada killer wasp control. You are so welcome.