Before Buying Bed Sheets

If you were born before the Facebook era, you probably remember when all bed sheets were made of white cotton. They looked so pure, crisp and inviting. You are probably amazed at the wide gamut of bed sheets available in the market today. Thanks to the availability of the widest gamut on these wonderful bedroom linens, you can be able to add style, color, and pattern in your bedroom décor. Here is a bed sheet buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

Measure the bed

Perhaps you are already familiar with the queen/king or twin size bed… did you know, however, that there is no standard measurement for beds today with such names? Although the top measurements of beds are somewhat consistent from bed maker to bed maker, you can always rest assured of some variation in the sizes. To be on the safe side therefore, it is highly recommended that before hitting the stores, that you measure the bed carefully, paying close attention to top-to-bottom, side to side, and mattress thickness dimensions, find more info here.

Select the store

Major department stores today would stock both brand-name and house-brand bed sheets and would often offer a wide range when it comes to patterns, colors, quality, and of course prices. Thanks to technological advancements, you can shop online or at a local department store near you. More and more people however are opting for the online option because of the convenience of shopping at the comfort and privacy of one’s home, and of course because the options of items to choose from are almost always endless. If you do not have anything specific in mind, always shop around for more ideas. If on the other hand you are just after basic bed sheets, rest assured of a good bargain at a simple discount store near you.

Take your time to learn about bed sheet thread count

Thread count is the number of threads per square inch on any piece of bedding. As expected, the higher the thread count, the more comfy the feel of the fabric would be. The best bed sheet thread count is one that is above 250, which you will always be guaranteed of the softest and most comfy feel as well as good wear.

Choose the type fabric carefully

You need to treat yourself when it comes to purchasing bed sheets. If these are bed sheets you would be sleeping on every day, you should go for the best that your money can buy, after all, you will spend at least 8 hours every day lying on them. The most popular choice for many people is cotton, although some would go for non-wrinkling blends of cotton. During the cold months of winter, going for winters flannel would give you the much needed coziness. When after luxury, go for silk, satin, or microfiber.

Buy more than you need

If you would have spent a significant amount of time deciding on the bed sheets that you want to purchase, the last thing you would want is to go down the same road again soon. Consider purchasing more bed sheets than you require. While at it, ensure you also purchase extra pillow cases to complement your bed sheets.