Introducing The 9th Frame

The 7-10 now has a new sister blog: The 9th Frame.

In politics, news happens fast. Given the nature of The 7-10 and how long it takes to research and write each individual post, I have often found myself unable to write about the latest political developments in a timely fashion. I tried to do this a year ago when I created Stray Pins, but found that it didn't match the overall voice of The 7-10. So I created The 9th Frame as way for me to capture my thoughts on the daily news cycle and offer short commentary on what's happening in the same way that the Stray Pins feature was supposed to.

Be advised that The 9th Frame is not an analytical blog that goes in a lot of depth. Most of the posts there can be written in 5 or 10 minutes. (It takes anywhere from 1-4 hours to write a post on The 7-10.) As a result, The 9th Frame will be updated more often than The 7-10 (hopefully at least once a day). It'll also have multimedia elements embedded throughout the site, such as relevant YouTube clips. But it won't dissect the news or be nearly as thorough in its content either.

Readers of The 7-10 should not worry, as it will continue to be updated roughly two or three times a week as always. The addition of The 9th Frame just allows me to better separate detailed political analysis from short political commentary.

The 9th Frame will have more of a personal voice and be more opinionated than The 7-10, but it won't delve into mudslinging and profanity-laden rants. Keep in mind that I am an independent blogger, not a nonpartisan one. In both The 9th Frame and The 7-10, I simply write about what interests me. In time I may open up The 9th Frame to multiple authors once the blog becomes more established and I see how things go.

In the meantime, check it out. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. As of now, I am still tinkering with some of the code of the site, but it is largely presentable and ready to be read!

Enter The 9th Frame.

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Silence Dogood said...


Excellent on keeping the bowling references going (if you strike up a third blog after the "ninth frame" it will unfortunately have to be called "the Turkey"). All kidding aside, while I don't comment here as frenquently I still enjoy your writing a lot and it is hard to find actual political science oriented writing in the blogoshpere as opposed to plain old punidtry or othterwise - actualy fewer people seem to know the difference anymore. So as a periodic, yet faithful reader, I just wanted to say thanks for not giving up the seven ten, the political blogosphere would have lost something if you did.

Anthony Palmer said...

Hi Silence,

Thank you for dropping by. You were one of the first people ever to find The 7-10, so I always appreciate your thoughts. This blog has changed a lot since I started it at the beginning of last year. I think I've finally found what I wanted to do with this. There are at least two primary audiences for politics: 1) the serious analysts who live and breath healthy political discussion with minimal bombast, and 2) the more casual political observers who like a bit more entertainment or attitude to go with their political commentary. I feel the branding of The 7-10 is better designed for the first crowd. The Ninth Frame is my attempt to appeal to the second crowd.

Obviously, it's not easy maintaining even one blog, let alone two. But I'm having a lot of fun with this even though it takes up a lot of time. I might not get around to responding to every comment as fast as I used to, but I really do appreciate everyone who reads this blog and those who leave thoughtful comments here, such as yourself.

Glad to know this blog actually makes a difference, especially since it originally started out as a place for me to just freefall. I hope you'll check out the new blog, which will probably go through the same growing pains that this one did.

Thanks again for your support.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u need to read my last two post for real 7 Houses of Czechoslovakia and No John Adams, No LBJ – easy mud slinging for Che...

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